Sex, Love and Marriage

So many people think of talking about sex as taboo. I always thought it was imperative knowing and understanding others and yourself in a world that loves to feed the imagination with improper information and ridiculous expectations. I blame a lot on religion and a lot on the schools that refuse to discuss it.


Come and get iiiiiitttttttttttt!

(not us in the pic above-my butt has more jiggle and he has more…well you get my meaning!)

I am here to discuss it. I happen to like it. I also happen to be married to the same man and have been with him for 27 years. Yes, it CAN happen and you CAN get through the pitfalls of a long-term relationship. I always think of myself as an evolution in understanding others in progress.

I have watched others fall in and out of love, have been asked many things (some ridiculous and some wonderful)  but I always believe in educating others, including myself. I am always learning and I can be really “out there” about love and sex. I will talk about anything so if you are easily offended or may have your gentle ways obliterated, this part of my blog is definitely not for you!


I still haven’t decided if they are having sex or laughing at others for thinking they are…


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