Life in My Realm of Chaos


Starting This Blog

I’m sitting here trying to figure out this so-called “easy” site and remember why I hated this to just sit and write. I am not one for complicated matters since my life alone is already complicated. I sit here trying to wake my daughter to put my grandson in bed because she is so exhausted. She is a hard sleeper and me? I have things to do and wish I was in her place right now. Sleep would be a gift since I haven’t been able to sleep.

I’m also working on editing my book and adding in content but really right now all I need to do is concentrate on a wedding dress. My oldest daughter’s wedding dress. She is getting married on Halloween and I swear, I am the greatest procrastinator of them all. It is only a week away and I have it started-and honestly, that is being nice to myself. I suck at meeting deadlines. I would probably get fired from whatever job I had because I suck at getting things done lately. I asked if I was depressed. I finally realized I am just exhausted since my schedule is like my daughter’s, and I am older than I want to be some days.

For now feed on this because I am going to scoop her out of my bed, get the baby in his bed, then take the dogs out and collapse into mine. Tomorrow is a busy day and we have  two vehicles to fix. I would like a healthy dose of Calgon but that is a thing of the past.

 I would say “It has begun” but it began a long time ago and still continues today.

The Realm of Chaos reigns and there is nothing I can do about it.


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