With Regrets…Washington, DC Here We Do Not Come

Life sometimes gets in the way…

I am not one to plan things and this is why-life always gets in the way. My daughter and I are not going to be able to attend the Million Woman March in Washington, D.C. All the hype and all the flurry of activity and planning right down to the hotel room, too. I have debated as to whether I would post as to why we aren’t going and because of safety reasons, I am declining to say anything at the moment.  

What I can tell you is that it is a matter we have taken to the police (which has NOTHING to do with the March whatsoever) and after much discussion, we decided it was best for us to stick close to home. I am hoping within the next month I will be able to tell you all why, but I can’t. Some know the details if they have followed me on Facebook for some time, or have at least a partial idea. Anyone who donated money on the Fund Me site is getting a refund, although some have already said to donate it in my daughter’s name or use it for her to do some things locally. 

All I can say is, you will be seeing many posts about a couple of subjects I am very passionate about in the coming year as I figure out where I fit in to make a difference on these subjects. Domestic abuse and stalking continue to be something far too close to home and something so many women deal with that does not have enough light shed on it. 

Thank you to all who shared my daughter’s story. This isn’t the end of it for her, unfortunately. Even with having had surgery just in September, the pain is back and she is contemplating the next step. A hysterectomy was on her list and soon, but the doctor (due to her age) is putting it off and now she is thinking, if it is possible, another baby may be in the forecast for her. You never know what life will bring.



One comment on “With Regrets…Washington, DC Here We Do Not Come

  1. What kind of surgery is she getting? Laser or Excision? I’m so sorry you all were not able to make it to the march. It was a beautiful event. They are already planning for one next year. I hope you’ll be able to make it then!

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