My Endometriosis story.. needs editing but I have to share!

The same age as my daughter and such a similar story. This is a disease that needs as much attention as others out there.


My name is Christina. I am a full time student at Chico State, I’m 19 and I’ve fought endo since I was 12! I’m writing this in hopes to comfort, share, support and encourage women to be their own “doctors” and cope with Endometriosis.

I didn’t know any women but one with endometriosis until Instagram. I remember all the times my friends were starting to be more social, like going to school sporting events and doing a lot of fun stuff; and I missed out on a lot because of the pain and weakness I was experiencing from my periods. It seemed like I had more bad days then good days.

I started noticing something wasn’t right when I had my first period. I bled for 14 days straight with a heavy flow. It made me sck, I remember laying on the living room floor of my grandma’s house hating…

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