Without fail, each year when Halloween would roll around and I would miss out on trick-or-treat with my sisters. I always was sick. ALWAYS. I cannot remember anytime being able to go get candy until I hit 12 years old and dressed up as a cheerleader. I remember going to the local dentist’s house and the first thing out of their mouth was, “Aren’t you a little old to be trick-or-treating?”

Now, here in the south where I live, you only see a house here and a house there decorated for this wonderful holiday. Gone are the days of groups of kids like Charlie Brown with Snoopy in tow, or Linus waiting for the “Great Pumpkin”. Gone are the days that kids would drag their Halloween costumes to school and dress up for a Halloween parade. Heck, when I moved here to Georgia in 2004 and my daughter was only 9 years old, she didn’t get to do anything of the sort.

We no longer have trick-or-treat-we have churches with “Trunk or Treat” events in which children stand in super long lines to get on a ride or jump in a bouncer and get a whole single piece of candy. No handfuls of treats and no bags to dump on the floor and sift through and trade with siblings or friends or cousins. Many times kids don’t even dress up in costume to go door-to-door.

People have lost the spirit of Halloween. What if people lost the spirit of Christmas?

So many are under the impression that Halloween is a bad thing. Celebrating the Day of the Dead should be a time to reminisce about those who have passed on before us.  It is called All Hallow’s Eve because those who are hallowed (blessed) who have passed, are celebrated and the very next day is All Saint’s Day. Many Christians have adopted many of the Pagan holidays, or changed them to be “acceptable” to the majority of Christians. I cannot help but feel this is what is happening when you’re told to go to the trunk-or-treat events, or go on a more acceptable date (which normally is not Halloween) if it is not at the church.

I don’t know what to think anymore, but my daughter has chosen this day to be married on. I am making her dress and my friend made her daughter’s dress. She wants to have a day that, for many, is the start of a new year and new things. A time when life is quiet and yet so many possibilities are out there.

So what is next for this generation and the one up and coming? So sad to see imagination and fun being stomped out by religion and common sense. Whatever happened to being silly and being a KID? Whatever happened to pretending?

Halloween is October 31st. No other day. We will be celebrating. What about you? Will you be standing in those long lines, or do you want to bring back the fun of trick-or-treating? We as a people have to take this world back from those who have ruined it for others.


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